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Elephant Parade Red Arrows 15cm

Elephant Parade Red Arrows 15cm

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Red Arrow

By Richard Powell

Artist's Inspiration:

'I was asked to create a very British icon. The Red Arrows, in fact, was suggested by an eight year old girl and here is the result. There are two elements tot he design. I wanted to reflect the colours and design the aeroplane itself but also create an idea that the elephant has something on its mind: to fly like the Red Arrows.'

Resin, individually hand-painted Elephants for elephant conservation.  Each elephant comes stamped and numbered and with its own authenticity certificate and booklet. 

Let's Save Elephants!

For sale by Elephant Parade Retailer Malta through Emondostore in Malta only. Deliveries available.   

20% net profits go towards Elephant Conservation in Asia.

Delivery Available over Euro30.00